Job Coaching ReviewsSara Freeman Smith has a flair for giving people a sense of purpose and her experience is unparalleled. Sara encourages you to reflect on that phenomenal "you"Job Coaching Reviews – T. Walker

Job Coaching ReviewsSara has been a great inspiration in helping me further develop my career goals. Being a middle aged professional faced with a career change can be quite daunting however working with Sara has made the transition very seamless. She made me see my strengths and abilities and not be afraid to allow them to speak for themselves. After working with Sara for only one month I received an immediate interview. I felt prepared, confident and needless to say it went exceptionally well. I look forward to continue partnering with Sara and I am very grateful and thankful to have her as my career coach.Job Coaching Reviews – V. Brown

Job Coaching ReviewsBefore I met with Sara, I was not too confident in my interviewing skills and when I would interview for a job, I was nervous and it showed in my interview. With Sara's help, I was able to gain that confidence that I needed along with skills and techniques to use in my interviews. After one session, she not only knew the areas I need to improve, but she also knew how to improve them. She was easy to talk to and offered great advice. Thanks to her help, I was able to walk in my next interview with confidence and got the job!Job Coaching Reviews – T. Townsell

Job Coaching Reviews participated in Sara's job and interviewing coaching services classes and was very pleased with the results. Sara provided specific concrete suggestions to helping me to maximize successful outcomes in my job search. Sara is very knowledgeable and has a passion for helping others! The classes were well structured and topic focused, which helped me identify key strengths and create more visibility that helped me to target and align my career goals. I would highly recommend Sara's services to anyone who is seeking a position or is seeking to sharpen their skills within their current work environment.Job Coaching Reviews – S. Simmons

Job Coaching ReviewsOn behalf of Mrs. Smith, it was a great privilege to work with her and get valuable advice. I required much assistance and guidance towards the progression of achieving my career goals. She was initially helpful in aiding me with my resume and really improving it. With her help I got the internship.Job Coaching Reviews – O. Nguyen

Job Coaching ReviewsSara Freeman Smith has been an inspiration for me since the late 90s, when we met while serving together on the board of a literary arts association. For nearly 20 years, I’ve watched Sara nurture aspiring authors with an impassioned zeal that has been indefatigable -- presenting workshops at my conferences and countless others on all aspects of the craft of writing and the business of publishing. Sara has authored books and websites on self-publishing while filling a void in the writing community as an accomplished publishing consultant and coach. Sara empowered dozens upon dozens who met her with nothing more than a story idea and wound up with a new career in publishing and a finished book in hand, thanks to her diligent guidance. Her impact on Black Writers Events and the writing community as a whole has been invaluable.Job Coaching Reviews – T. Ross

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