Sara Freeman Smith

About Sara

UR Gems Group, Inc. was started in 1997 to provide consulting, publication and coaching services to aspiring writers. The company now provides job procurement support to the disabled community while collaborating with companies seeking to enhance, improve or implement recruiting and retention strategies for the disabled. We can provide consulting plans customized and targeted for their hiring needs.

Sara Freeman Smith, President, is an accomplished seasoned recruiting professional with more than 25 years of experience. Sara has recruited, coached and hired thousands from entry level to executive level in her career. Sara was diagnosed with a significant vision impairment in 2003 while working in a recruiting leadership role for a Fortune 500 company. In all her corporate recruiting roles since that diagnosis, she was able to get her reasonable accommodations to perform her work successfully. Her vision has diminished over the years, but her passion has increased to help encourage and inspire others with disabilities to continue their careers. Sara can leverage her personal experiences, vast recruiting knowledge and networks to help individuals and companies achieve their goals.

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